About Us

Smiley Pool Services is a family run business with years of experience in the service industry. We pride ourselves on exceptional service levels offered by ourselves and our staff. Our staff are all experienced CPO-certified technicians who are experts in all aspects of pool equipment, maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Smiley Pool Services is Florida State Licensed CPC#1458758

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services.

Meet the Team

Cameron Smillie

Co-Owner Cameron Smillie, born in Manchester, England, had a dream from the age of 14, to live and work in Florida. Before emigrating in 2010 Cameron spent 20 years playing professional Golf, playing around the world at some of the best courses. He spent 10 years practicing and playing in Florida, which is where his love of the Sunshine State started. Following his professional playing career, Cameron went into Golf Course Management where he spent time teaching golf and managing golf clubs in the London area. This career path taught Cameron to have an eye for detail, a love of customer service and a work ethic that makes his retired Police Superintendent father proud. Cameron has a Florida State License CPC#1458758, and takes pride knowing he can clean, service, maintain and install anything that is around a swimming pool, spa or fountain. Cameron recently explained to a customer ‘On the golf course my Coach taught me to learn something new every day, and exceed the expectations that I have for myself. I now apply that rule to our Company which we established in 2011 and our customer service, I guess the dream of a 14-year-old boy has come true’.


Co-Owner Sheila Smillie has a love of lists and organization, which makes her perfect for running the office team which supports the Service Technicians out on the road, all aspects of customer service and the daily task of running a pool business. Sheila was born in her beloved town of Watford in England, and followed her husband’s dream of a life in the Sunshine State. Sheila has over 20 years’ experience in customer and account management, having worked for brands such as Revlon, Aon & Liz Claiborne. Before emigrating Sheila spent 8 years in political office as an Elected Councillor representing her home town, which she counts as one of her greatest career achievements. “My Father was 16 when he took on his first job in Garristown, Co Dublin, and from there he went on to meet my Mum in Watford and spend his working life serving customers either in his grocery store or as a bar manager, customer service and a love of taking pride in my job is in my blood.

Together Sheila & Cameron have a son Joe, who blessed and completed their family in 2005.

Smiley Pool Services Team of highly trained, CPO certified Service Technicians, bring several areas of expertise to the team. Some team members have years of pool servicing experience and others have been trained by Cameron Smillie and have obtained Certification. All the Service Team take pride in their work and enjoy working with Sheila, Cameron and the Smiley customers.

A clean pool really is a Smiley Pool.